How to Prune Juniper Bonsai

Bonsai tree pruning, care, and maintenance. Maintenance pruning on a 25 year old San Jose Juniper bonsai tree, potted in a Tokoname bonsai pot, trimming foliage pads, fine shaping of an old bonsai. More at More on Juniper bonsai at http

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  • pidner

    @TheJimford I wipe down my clippers with rubbing alcohol and have had no problems with browning.

  • drummerkid58

    ICE CREAM TRUCK!!!! AHHHHH…bonsai is cool

  • madeinchina77

    hello. i am new to bonsai trees and i just recently purchased a japanese juniper and i am fearful that i might accidentaly kill it. i live in texas. it is currently summer. i understand i must water it everyday and i am worried that the heat or humidity might make it sick or kill it. any suggestions of where i should put it?

  • CianLucanFogarty


  • heavyoilguy

    Amazing, I just received a Spiney Greek Juniper, Do you have a video on showing how to prune this one, It is perfectly straight upright

  • flassboy

    Awesome man – my kids have just watched the old Karate Kid DVD’s.

    They loved Miyagi’s Bonsai trees – I’ve just bought them 6 small shrubbs to have a go with.

  • s15104

    damn the scissors make a shit load of noise

  • pretendosse

    i just got a small Juniper Bonsai how do i know where to cut ? and how often do you water?

  • TheChunkyPanda


  • The9187thomas

    some of the branches on my tree are green on the tips but brown on the bottoms of the branches what is wrong with it?

  • Leutekyel

    Great video, great job. !!! Greetings from Peru !!!!!

  • IbnSaeed

    Can you suggest any good books for beginners ?

  • duanescot

    nice tree, Im about to start growing my own bonzais, I have a laceleaf seriyu japanese maple that put up sprouts all over the backyard, so im going to pot as many of them as possible to grow and give away to friends, family, as gifts, IF I dont manage to kill them

  • dannonater

    i hear the ice cream man.

  • skyjay1

    i like the way the tree pads look

  • SpartanK380

    Is that an ice-cream truck I hear in the background?

  • HigherPlanes

    Your pronunciation is correct. Bonsai is pronounced BONE-SAI. If you pronounce it the other way, it means what a japanease warrior yells during a final stand in which they attempt to kill an enemy with a suicide charge.

  • MatthewTubmanFolder

    when the bark on a juniper begins to curl and fall off what does that mean? is it getting to much sun?

  • landy1337

    I put it in the sun for a full day and close the outdoor blind during the night so it doesnt recieve the cold winds. But today i noticed at some of the tips it kind of looks like they are burnt off halfway and are have a black buildup if i pull them off they are almost like a black small clay substance. It kind of looks like something is eating it or maybe even cold damage.. Any help would be appreciated and a link to a decent bonsai forum for questions like this in future =]

  • checking87

    anyone. please help. how long does a bonsai needs to stay on sunlight? is there any particular time?

  • Emohater40000

    Hello, i’ve made my first bonsai, and i’m searching for experienced people who can give me tips about my juniper bonsai, there’s a video of it on my channel. Please watch and comment. Thanks!

  • chasnsx

    @TheJimford: I have a video on pinching — see my channel. What I have also discovered in my years in bonsai is that pinching does not encourage vigorous growth, and is useless for filling in gaps in branches and bulking up foliage pads. I also have a recent follow up video on this tree which clearly shows the beneficial effect of shearing the tree to build density.

  • TheJimford

    I guess you have discovered that cutting junipers with scissors causes the tips to turn brown shortly after cutting. Pinching would acheive the form without browning or dyeback from cutting…yes? Nice material at any rate.

  • sidDarth92

    hmmm ok thx! and i really am not confident about styling the tree. when it comes to what style and how and where to trim the tree, i have no clue as to what to do. i research on the web so i have the general idea of wat kind of tree i want, but wen i try to apply that to my tree, i jsut dont know where to start trimming since my tree has its own unique shape. any tips on where to start?

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